OKX Launches BRC-30: Earn Passive Income On Bitcoin & BRC-20 Tokens

• OKX has proposed the BRC-30 protocol, enabling staking of BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin to earn passive income on their digital assets.
• The open-source protocol is available for all developers to build upon, with OKX Wallet soon adding support for the BRC-30 standard.
• OKX is a longstanding supporter of Bitcoin, having integrated the Lightning Network and supporting BRC-20 trading with Ordinals Marketplace.

OKX Introduces Industry-First BRC-30 Token Standard

OKX, a leading Web 3.0 company, today announced its proposal for a new open-source BRC-30 protocol that enables staking of BRC-20 tokens and Bitcoin in order to earn passive income.

Enabling Staking of Bitcoin & BRC-20 Tokens

Through this protocol, users will be able to stake either Bitcoin or BRC-20 tokens via the OKX Wallet in order to earn passive income through Web 3.0 Earn.

Open Source Protocol Available For All Developers

The protocol is open source and available for all developers to use when building upon it. The OKX Wallet will also add support for the new token standard according to the protocol.

Longstanding Support For Bitcoin

OKX has been supporting Bitcoin since integrating its Lightning Network two years ago. It was also the first multi chain wallet to support BCR 20 trading with its launch of Ordinals Marketplace.

About OKX

OKX is a technology company driving the future of Web 3.0 by providing products such as wallets, NFT marketplaces, DEXs and more for beginners and experts alike. It partners with some of the world’s top brands and athletes including Manchester City F.C., McLaren Formula One and golfer Ian Poulter among others.