Crypto: US Must Act Now for Financial Future

Coinbase Launches New Advertising Campaign

• Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange in the US, has launched a new national advertising campaign called Crypto: Moving America Forward.
• The goal of this initiative is to show the transformative potential of crypto technology for the global financial system and what is at stake if the US falls behind other nations, particularly China.
• According to a report from Electric Capital, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies have the potential to fundamentally change money, the financial system, and the Internet – however, if the US does not take action it could miss out on significant technological and economic opportunities.

Highlighting Importance of Cryptocurrency in US

The new advertising campaign by Coinbase seeks to highlight how important cryptocurrency is for America’s future. To do so, they will be airing ads featuring Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong on popular Sunday shows that will focus on topics related to crypto technology each weekend.

Crypto Could Transform Global Financial System

The main goal of Coinbase’s marketing initiative is to showcase how crypto technology could potentially transform the global financial system for good. This would help ensure that America remains competitive in terms of digital asset development as well as maintain its leadership position in terms of both economic growth and national security.

What Is At Stake?

If America fails to effectively embrace cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies it could potentially miss out on major economic opportunities as well as cede its role in building important financial infrastructure systems that are integral for global progress.

Report Highlights Need for Action

A March report from venture capital firm Electric Capital indicated that this sentiment was shared by many investors – they noted that there is an urgent need for action in order to preserve America’s preeminence in financial markets and related technologies or else risk missing out entirely.