Bitcoin Active Addresses Show Low Demand Despite Recent Cycles

• Bitcoin active addresses have not grown much recently, suggesting that demand for the asset is low.
• An analyst from CryptoQuant has noted that market activity rapidly changed after the bottom formed during the previous cycles.
• The Bitcoin active addresses metric measures daily total amount of unique addresses participating in transaction activity on the chain.

What is Bitcoin Active Addresses?

Bitcoin Active Addresses is an indicator that measures the daily total amount of Bitcoin addresses that are participating in some transaction activity on the chain. This metric only counts unique addresses, meaning if an address takes part in multiple transfers in a single day, it’s still counted only once and also accounts for both senders and receivers. A high value of this metric suggests a large number of people are making transactions while a low value implies that demand for the asset is low currently.

Recent Trend in Active Addresses

The relevant indicator here is the “active addresses,” which measures the daily total amount of Bitcoin addresses that are participating in some transaction activity on the chain. When looking at recent trend, it appears as though the value of this metric hasn’t moved much in recent weeks with some improvement seen recently following a bear market where price was endlessly consolidating. An example of activity suddenly coming back can be seen around FTX collapse when price began to move sideways again and active addresses sank down again as well.

Difference Between Previous Cycles & Current Cycle

On-chain data shows demand for Bitcoin has been returning recently but rise has been slower than what previous cycles saw at similar stage. This indicates there might be difference between current cycle and previous ones as far as how active users are being attracted to trade on network right now goes.


Overall, it seems like although demand for bitcoin has been increasing recently, rise has not been as rapid or significant compared to what was seen during earlier cycles at similar stages. Such trends may suggest potential differences between current cycle and others which should be taken into account when making investment decisions regarding cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin.


It’s important to keep an eye on indicators such as “Active Addresses” which measure how many people are actively using blockchain network at any given time so investors can make informed decisions about when might be good times to enter or exit crypto markets depending on trends they observe from such metrics over time .