Something Pregnant Women Should Know To Have Best Sleep

To reduce the discomfort caused by side effects of pregnancy, as well as the body changes during pregnancy because, she should take the time to go vote, stand, sit, lie justified. Good posture will be right here refers to elect.

Besides diet, exercise, lifestyle habits of pregnant women also need to be aware of the pregnancy, especially about walking, sleeping. To pregnant women, lie to sleep is difficult. Now, we will introduce to you some ways to lie easily. Alternatively, if you do not know, you can consult from maternity pillow reviews and then you will find out the best choice.

Additional right into the list of what pregnant women need to know some when pregnancy poses following standard:

Posture During Pregnancy

Ideal for chairs elected at about 40cm mother. When moving from standing to sitting, do not be too abrupt, instead parent should elect hands on the thigh or arm against the chair and slowly sat down. In the last months of pregnancy, when the stomach is too big, pregnant mother should support the back while sitting down, then slowly leaned back in his chair, legs open parallel.

In this position, she elected to reduce the likelihood that symptoms of back pain, aches late pregnancy. I can put a small pillow behind her back if necessary. Travelling frequently standing up instead of sitting for too long, to help the body circulation.

Lying Pregnancy

The first 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can supine, feet propped up on a pillow, body relaxed. However, this poses a taboo in the last 3 months, by lying on your back is easy to override the uterus after uterine aorta, significantly reduced blood flow and nutrient supply to the fetus of this important period.

Therefore, at the turn of the 2nd trimester, pregnant mothers should choose reclining posture, just relieve fatigue, and reduce muscle tension and medium while avoiding the major abdominal blood vessel pressing on the main.

If disturbed or lie on your left, the mother can rest assured that the party will also be, as long you feel comfortable, but of course still have priority over left. Often lie stretch right can make the uterus lining; stretch the blood vessels, affecting the supply of oxygen to the fetus.

Mother vote may prescribe small pillow or blanket to help slim abdomen when lying. Note: two-leg curl lying, absolutely avoid this sort of lie back or remaining co stoop.

What pregnant women should know: Travelling during pregnancy

When traveling, keep your back straight vote mother, head slightly raised, heel touched the ground before, definitely try to walk, slowly, slowly, balancing the body. Avoid traveling by toes; walking quickly to avoid falling due to gravity is too much focused on the abdomen.

When climbing stairs, or walking up the high place, she elected to take advantage of handrails to avoid the risk of falling. If the mother has a habit of walking for exercise during pregnancy, stating noted moderate exercise, resting for 5-10 minutes when you feel tired. Stitched mother also choose shoes should also be noted, should choose low soles, to the well ventilated.

Choose pillow for pregnant women is so important. It helps mother reduce back pain in this time. In the market has many kind of pillow for you to choose. The U-shaped is popular in the market now because it is so convenient for pregnant pillow to lie. In addition, it is a good selection of many people.

Stand During Pregnancy

As it stands, pregnant mothers should relax the shoulders, legs parallel, feet smaller than the shoulders open. This posture helps focus the body equally divided into two legs, relieve pressure, fatigue. Avoid standing too long to curb back pain, lower limb swelling and bulging veins shrink. Ideally, when forced to stand, should change position before hind legs, and sat down to rest right time to blood circulation and relax your back.

I have guided you some ways to lie in the time you are pregnant. In this time, you should pay attention about the posture of sitting, lying and choose for yourself a good pillow to sleep. It helps you so much to have sound sleep every night.

Hope you choose a good pillow to sleep.